Groninger Welke Janssen Groninger Welke Janssen are highly qualified average adjusters

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Groninger Welke Janssen's office is located in the heart of the Hanseatic town of Bremen, overlooking the river Weser and the ancient city centre. The Unesco World Heritage market place with the town hall and the cathedral is only a few steps away.

The central railway station as well as the airport can be reached by tram in a few minutes.

Groninger Welke Janssen
Sworn Average Adjusters - Beeidigte Dispacheure
Teerhof 40
D - 28199 Bremen
Tel.: +49 - 421/ 598160
Fax: +49 - 421/ 5981616

Direct numbers:

Günther Groninger: +49 - 421/ 59816-20
Dirk Janssen: +49 - 421/ 59816-21
Jörn Groninger: +49 - 421/ 59816-22